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A. Zeng Aluminum Framed Glass

We finally introduce the artwork of one of the most prolific EAD Coop artist Alex Zeng taking his best selling genuine collage imagery and recreating it with one of our most popular mediums by reverse printing on glass and framing with a minimal black anodized aluminum frame. By changing the background to white we have created a completely updated presentation. As Alex has taken his love of art collage and with the help of skills honed at the prestigious Chinese Academy of Art has reinvented the category. Individually cut imagery from magazines and art books are shaped and layered to create a treasure hunt of details to the viewer’s eye. The longer you look the more you see. Is the eye of that puppy really a photograph of a camera lens that takes on a new focus? The closer you look on the surface the more you experience the details that tell the story. Framed in a black anodized aluminum metal frame,  each piece is enhanced by Alex's signature.

A.Zeng Dimensional Art Collage

Alex Zeng has taken his love of art collage and with the help of skills honed at the prestigious Chinese Academy of Art has reinvented the category. Individually cut imagery from magazines and art books are shaped and layered to create a treasure hunt of details to the viewer’s eye. The longer you look the more you see. Is the eye of that puppy really a photograph of a camera lens that takes on a new focus? The closer you look on the surface the more you experience the details that tell the story. Framed in a black wooden finish  and protected by a glass lens each piece is enhanced by Alex's signature.

Art Glass Tables

Discover the captivating allure of Beveled Art Glass Console Tables, featuring touch-open doors crafted from reverse printed art glass and built with real black ash wood veneer on shelves, door frames, and sidewalls further elevates the console's aesthetic appeal. Their gold or silver leafed iron frames add a delightful shimmer to these remarkable pieces.
In addition to the stunning console tables, the collection also offers Beveled Art Glass Cocktail and Lamp Tables, gracefully resting on a Black Plinth Base. These tables complement the consoles perfectly, creating a cohesive and captivating ensemble.

Arte De Crystallus

Picture the gallery-wrapped canvases, where the fabric becomes a canvas for dreams. The enchantment begins with the application of Crystallus Epoxy Coated finishes, creating a lustrous sheen that plays with light, mimicking the dance of stars in the night sky. The epoxy coats each stroke of the artist's brush, adding depth and dimension, turning each canvas into a window to another dimension.

But it doesn't end there—imagine delicate Crystal Shards, like shards of stardust, meticulously embellishing the surface. These heavy crystal fragments catch and refract light, casting a spellbinding glow that adds a tactile and visual richness to the artwork. The crystals, strategically placed, create a mesmerizing interplay between the ephemeral and the tangible. The collection showcases not only frameless wonders that seem to float in mid-air but also framed presentations that add a touch of sophistication.

Arte De Legno

The Arte de Legno line of high definition U.V. printed giclee on solid fir wood planks is our most recent example of the beautiful synergies between state of the art technology and nature's elements. We hand select solid fir and select the best representations of fir planks that exemplify all of the finest characteristics of this sustainable natural wood. Then they are printed on either versions of whitewashed or the natural unpainted fir. The EAD Artist Coop provides the varied imagery that we select for this specific medium of alternative wall art from fine photography to grunge. Your customers will scream for joy having found a most unusual and unique example of art designed specifically for eclectic home environments.

Arte De Metallo

Art has always been about exploration and the pushing of boundaries. Sometimes, the medium itself has to change, breaking away from the traditional canvas and experimenting with new ideas. This can even mean resurrecting old ideas, such as sculpture, re-presented in a way that’s perfect for the home. Arte De Metallo pieces are part wall art, part metal sculpture. Each one is comprised of a complex framework of metal shapes with the framework itself comprising much of the image and contributing to the complexity of the piece. Metals lend themselves surprisingly well to artwork, as they can be shaped, moulded and bent in many ways, modelled as wire or as solid blocks, then painted or embellished. These works enjoy a special texture thanks to the way they are raised and extruded from the wall, adding an almost tactile layer to the enjoyment of observing them. The metallic nature of these items also allows for interesting visual qualities, such as shining surfaces

Arte De Paulownia Abstracts

Crafted from the exquisite Paulownia wood, known for its lightweight yet durable nature, these abstract wall sculptures not only inspire romance but also pay homage to the beauty of nature. Paulownia wood, with its delicate grain patterns and eco-friendly qualities, symbolizes the resilience and grace of nature itself. Embrace this harmonious fusion with our Arte de Paulownia Wood Abstract Wall Sculptures Collection, where each piece is a testament to the enduring beauty of both love and the earth, an enchanting symphony of forms and sizes, inviting you to explore a world where artistic expression knows no bounds. The wooden shapes, adorned in a myriad of colors, weave a tapestry of emotions. Cinnamon and ebony's deep allure evoke a rich intensity, while antique gold and alabaster shimmer elegance and sophistication. Stone gray, natural wood, and charcoal paint a canvas of complexity, revealing the intricate layers of nature at its best.

Bold Neutrals by Martin

Martin Edwards loves the texture and feel of paint and the sensuous beauty of color and tries to make the most of these two elements in his original works of art. There is an excitement about painting with such extreme texture. This style shouts movement and mood as it moves across the canvas and the color only serves to intensify the emotion displayed. This new series titled Bold Neutrals plays with subtle variations in technique and color combinations. Bold Neutrals is the epitome of this devotion to newness and synergy between heavily textured neutrals and metallic paints.

Canvas Giclees Lucia Heffernan

"My body of work is an expression & exploration of my fascination with animals, through my paintings, I seek to give animals a voice and a personality." This quote  exemplifies the philosophy of Lucia Heffernan's artworks. Taiwanese American artist Lucia Heffernan (b.1966) specializes in portraying affable and funny animals in human situations, hoping to give animals a voice and personality. By imagining what animals might do, Lucia uses her paint brushes to shine spotlight on their innocence and raw instincts. Created in a bold 16"x20"x2" cotton canvas gallery wrap with a solid wood stretcher, this art is sure to draw commentary and laughs from anyone that views it. The longer you look the more you see. Painting whimsically or ardently Lucia lures admirers to reflect and laugh or sigh with amazement.  

Chromatic Splendor

Chromatic Splendor Embellished Giclée with Hand-Painted Baroque Frame, a stunning 12-piece collection. Each 24 by 24-inch artwork features vibrant, diverse designs, from striking portraits and abstract compositions to vivid florals and playful patterns. The giclée printing process brings rich colors and intricate details to life, while hand-painted Baroque frames add an elegant, timeless touch. The frames come in various colors, enhancing the visual impact and creating a cohesive yet varied look. Perfect for adding color and personality to any room, Chromatic Splendor celebrates artistic expression and craftsmanship. Transform your space with these captivating pieces and let your walls tell a vibrant, colorful story. 

Collezione Bella Pietra

Each table is crafted in Magnesium Oxide, a uniquely durable and versatile material that is weather resistant, and will not deteriorate, or warp with time and exposure to the elements. Not only water, mold and mildew resistant, it can also withstand salt air, and is fire resistant. MGO is made from natural stone and does not release harmful chemicals into the environment, making it a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious consumers. Using unique and proprietary production and printing techniques, we create pieces with the look, feel, and natural beauty of Travertine and other natural stone finishes, with the same excellent quality you are accustomed to from Empire Art Direct! Collezione Bella Pietra is a surprisingly affordable choice for low-maintenance and high design decor, perfect for use indoors and outdoors enjoyment. Each of our sculptural accent tables is the perfect combination of elegant Italian design, superior craftsmanship, and ultimate functionality.

Empire Art Mirrors

The Empire Art Direct collection of contemporary mirrors are designed with a modern panache that represents the true personification of current and future trends in the fashion of home furnishings. The world of contemporary design often relies on accented walls to tie in a complete and synergistic look. Our designers pride themselves on utilizing very curious and alternative textures as well as clean lines that act to transform your environs with what always becomes an interesting conversation piece, while maintaining the simplicity that is contemporary style. Shagreen in metallic textures are emblematic of this stylistic presentation. The Tempered Art Glass Beveled Mirrors Collection continued the tradition of unique and exclusive designs and mediums introduced by our trendsetting design team.

Exotic Leather Occasional

This eclectic collection of tables and pedestals are covered in on trend faux exotic animal skins including silver, gold and colors of shagreen (stingray skin), snakeskin and ostrich. Perfectly scaled accents are supremely useful and create surprising pockets of fashion in your room. Most are meticulously welded and ground making for smooth professional joinery. Metal surfaces are all solid stainless steel and polished to a lustrous sheen. Look at these gems and decide which ones you cannot live without.

Frassino De Arte Legno

Empire Art Direct is extremely excited about the Frassino De Arte Legno collection. Hand pickled genuine ash veneer is printed via an ultra-high definition UV giclee process and then assembled into a 1.5” thick wooden box art structure. This unusual medium has the character to work well with any genre of art. Contemporary painting, photography, and traditional artwork are  represented here so go wild. This presentation is sure to embolden any environment with its exceptionally unique presentation.

Glass Pet Portraits by Jodi

Black and White Pet Portraits represent the latest from prolific EAD Coop artist Jodi. It exemplifies her range and talent for recognizing and executing the finest in fashion forward artwork. Her talent for knowing what the buying universe wants is only outdone by her talents as a prolific working artist. We collaborate with Jodi to produce this exclusive range with reverse printed glass that is framed with a high quality black finished anodized aluminum frame which enhances the art without overpowering it and connecting with this minimalist presentation. Enjoy this range of 33 new images by finding your dog or cat favorites as the category of pet art is hotter than ever.

Metallic Shagreen Fusion Table

Step into a realm of timeless elegance with our Metallic Shagreen Leather Fusion Table Collection. Delve into the poetic narrative of Metallic Shagreen Leather Fusion Console, Pedestal,  Cocktail and Lamp Tables, where each piece bears the signature of the artist, a testament to the craftsmanship and dedication poured into every creation. The tables, adorned in metallic gold or silver shagreen leather, radiate opulence and refinement. Immerse yourself in the tactile allure of these consoles, where the richness of the metallic gold or silver shagreen leather harmonizes with the sensuous curves and lines of the design. The black ash wood veneer, meticulously applied to shelves, door frames, and sidewalls, enhances the tables' aesthetics, creating a harmonious fusion of materials that is both sophisticated and visually striking. The gold or silver leafed iron frames that cradle these tables sparkle like precious metals, adding a mesmerizing shimmer that captivates the eye.

Beyond the console tables, the collection unveils Beveled Art Shagreen Leather Cocktail and Lamp Tables, gracefully grounded on a Black Plinth Base. These tables echo the design language of the consoles, forming a seamless and enchanting ensemble that transforms any space into a haven of romance and sophistication. These tables transcend mere functionality, becoming a poetic expression of love for the artistry that adorns your home. Allow the Art Shagreen Leather Table Collection to cast its spell, leaving an indelible impression on all who have the privilege of beholding its exquisite beauty.

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Make sure to secure the collections you already adore at prices that will make your heart skip a beat, on a first come first serve basis. These collections are being discontinued to make way for new and astonishing pieces, so come by to check what we have often as they get updated regularly. We promise that you won't want to miss out on these incredible savings. While supplies last.

Primo Mixed Media Sculpture

Artist Primo is proud to  present his three dimensional iron and wood mixed media wall and table sculpture collections. These new collections represent the culmination of Primo's dream to take his original artwork and make them available to all that love his concepts in a way that is affordable to all.   These individual unique originals are hand painted and signed works of art that are renown for Primo's  skills of manipulating iron into a textured work of art with extraordinary depth and skill. This industrial style of mixed media can also be presented outdoors as long as it is varnished every year, as it will take on a patina characteristic that is inherent in its presentation.

Radiographic Coasters

Picture a world where artistry and science converge in a dance of elegance, where the ethereal beauty of nature's blooms meets the transparency of glass and the earthiness of cork. Each coaster, a miniature masterpiece, bears the captivating designs of Albert Koetsier's radiant florals captured in ethereal radiographic splendor. Through the lens of a filled glass, the delicate intricacies of nature's blossoms are revealed, unveiling a hidden world of botanical wonder. As you rest your glass upon these coasters, you can't help but be transported to a place where art and the romantic beauty of flowers mingles with the poetic allure of a drink.

Tapis D'Art

A timeless work of art on your floor, a symbol of elegance and refinement that will make your floors scream with joy! Our Tapis D’Art embodies the allure of a beautiful rug gracing your floors, transforming your space into a sanctuary of style and comfort. From captivating abstracts to vibrant florals, and from contemporary neutrals to whimsical typography, our rugs bring the essence of artistry directly to your floors, infusing every corner with personality and charm. Indulge in the luxury of our washable Tapis D'Art, available in sizes 5’ x 8’ and 8’ x 10’, meticulously power-loomed from 100% polyester. Featuring a plush 2mm pile, these rugs offer heavenly softness and secure non-slipping grace, ensuring both comfort and safety in your home. All Tapis D'Art rugs are signed by the artists, adding a personal touch of authenticity to your decor.

Vetro De Arte 72x36 Groupings

Indulge in the enchanting essence where spectacular meets the artistry of Verre Eglomise French Technique on oversized frameless reverse printed tempered art glass panel sets. Picture majestic 72”x36” panels, which combined create diptychs, triptychs, and polyptychs sets becoming a testament of grandeur on your walls. These captivating creations unveil themselves in a symphony of abstract and colorful styles,. As you gaze upon them, you'll be swept away by the vibrant hues that dance gracefully, and the intricate patterns of abstracts and images that weave stories untold. Imagine these masterpieces becoming the heart and soul of your decor breathing life into the room, capturing your heart with their allure.

Vetro De Arte By A. Koetsier

Albert Koetsier was born in the Netherlands and became "fascinated with the concept of photography" at age eight. He "shortly thereafter built his first homemade camera" with "an old matchbox with a pair of magnifying glasses, one on the side facing out and another attached on the inside."Prior to starting his own photography business, Koetsier earned a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the Netherlands' primary technical university. At the same time, he also earned a "side degree" in X-Ray Engineering through a program administered by Philips medical systems, where he worked as an x-ray specialist. He served two years in the military as an officer and while he was in on a service trip, he found himself in "the town where Roentgen discovered x-rays." It was there that he found photographs of everyday objects created with x-rays and told himself that "someday [he] would do this."By 1979, Koetsier and his family moved to California, "where he had more free time to devote to photography." By the early 1980s he was able to purchase an x-ray machine at a price he could afford at the time. "It was in 1991 that he first developed an x-ray and considered the resulting image art-worthy." He then spent time perfecting and pioneering the art of x-ray photography which led to the brilliant library of imagery now available through the EAD Coop on reverse printed tempered glass panels.

Vetro De Arte by Jodi P

Art and fashion are so closely intertwined, it can be hard to tell them apart, or even have one without the other. The Fashionista range by Jodi epitomises this connection, playing on the edgy, eccentric side of fashion that blends so well with unusual and bold artwork. Both dare the viewer somewhat, from the striking red shoes of Boss Lady to the defiant gesture of Love and Skulls. These artworks are passionate, trendy and direct, yet retain the depth and room for exploration seen in traditional art. Silver canvases, gold colours and chic watercolours are used to great effect, creating a contemporary but playful set of works. These items are as carefully curated as the wardrobes of the rich and famous, yet appearing casual and fun, ideal for a home or gallery space that’s young at heart. Anyone who enjoys a hot coffee on the way to work, a sparkling new set of shoes, the style of the latest perfume bottle or the challenging but rewarding crush of the metropolitan rat-race will love this tongue-in-cheek representation of that world.

Vetro De Arte Fashion Brands

Introducing an exquisite fusion of artistry and couture fashion brands, meticulously crafted by the exceptionally talented Brazilian artist, Alexander Venancio: The Verre Eglomise technique of Reverse Printed Tempered Glass, a mesmerizing play of light and texture, where the glass becomes a window into a world of opulence and sophistication. In this awe-inspiring collection, the timeless elegance of the French technique of Verre Eglomise is elevated to new heights as you are transported into a realm where art and fashion coexist in perfect harmony, as the artist testament is his vision, skill, and passion for creating pieces that are not just objects of beauty but timeless statements of cleverness and style.

Vetro De Arte NatureScapes

Introducing a symphony of romance and artistry inspired by the timeless French technique of Verre Eglomise, where the artist formed a timeless bond in between the art and the back of the glass, crafting a vision that emanates an eternal glow, now reimagined as 'Naturescapes' by the visionary artist, Dennis Frates. In this enchanting collection, award-winning fine art photography comes to life creating stunning and reflective artworks, rendered with meticulous care on reverse-printed tempered art glass, bringing to you a breathtaking display of landscapes, seascapes, majestic mountains, serene deserts, pristine lakes, meandering streams, and a myriad of other natural wonders.

Vetro De Arte Tempered Glass

Our new line of reverse printed tempered glass was inspired by the French technique of Verre Eglomise in which artist's literally painted the back of clear glass so that when viewed from the front brought the painting to life under the depth of the glass. Dimension and color enhancement are achieved by glass like no other medium and we are utilizing state of the art technology to translate this historical form of art so it is both affordable and fabulous when displayed frame-less with a simple hidden hanging system that floats the glass only on the wall. Gallery art and hyper realistic photography make this a must have medium for all.

Vetro De Arte With Silver Leaf

Made popular in the golden age of the Renaissance gilt frames and furniture adorned the finest estates and palazzos. We at EAD have a different take from the ordinary as we utilize the same centuries old techniques and craftsmanship to hand assemble five inch squares of metal leaf to embellish our natural canvas and create a new category of alternative art. Marrying this classic medium with today's state of the art digital reproduction technology would make Leonardo take a second look as we garner the most exquisite results in the newest of our alternative mediums. Enjoy the richness of this marriage as we explore the most traditional to the most contemporary of art. No two art canvases will be the same as our artisans create the most perfect of imperfections by adhering the paper thin leaf to the face and depth of these gallery wraps.